Faith in Action for Children

Interfaith Prayer With Children In the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

22 April 2020


Ending Violence Against Children Debate on National Radio and Advocacy Sessions in Angola

In Angola, for the celebration of the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Children and the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children, on 20 November, a series of awareness-raising and advocacy activities with government institutions, civil society organizations and participation of children, took place to promote prevention and denunciation of violence against children. Additionally, a high level public debate was held with the participation of the government and civil society, UNICEF, and was facilitated by a well-known, respected journalist. UNICEF, partnering with churches, distributed a pulpit announcement promoting an ecumenical event to the Evangelical Baptist Church of Angola (IEBA in Portuguese). Finally, UNICEF conducted advocacy sessions with UN agencies to introduce UNICEF's global End Violence against Children initiative and to discuss shared responsibilities towards ending violence against children.


keywords: UNICEF, CRC, media, Evengelical, debate

Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Clara M. Barona
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