Faith in Action for Children

Interfaith Prayer With Children In the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

22 April 2020


World Day of Prayer and Action Celebration in Kinshasa

The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children Ceremony was organized by the Department of Diakonia of the Church of Christ in Congo (ECC), December 6, 2013 in Kinshasa with the support of GNRC.
As one of six departments of ECC, Diakonia is in charge of social welfare programs and hardware of the Church of Christ in Congo, Acronym ECC development.

In August of 2013 an action plan for the reduction of domestic violence including violence against children was developed by representatives of the 11 provinces of the DRC. As part of the action plan, the World Day Celebration was organized to inform children that they have rights as children and ensure parents aware of the rights of children. It included a workshop with instruction on the Convention of the Rights of the Child. A total of 206 children attended the event.


  • Prelude by the chorus
  • Liturgical greeting
  • Prayer
  • Introduction of guests
  • Animation : singing in pictures
  • Choral children: 17 CECU the hidden manna , CFMC , CEBU
  • Reading of the Convention on the Rights of the Child ( Read by 4 children)
  • Different presentations of children :
    • Fr KASKILE Israel : the books of the Bible
    • 17 CECU ( Bible verse )
    • CFMC ( Bible verses )
    • Hidden manna ( Bible verses )
    • 17th CEBU
  • Prayers of intercession for children
  • Animation : singing in pictures
  • Announcements : Fr Kennedy
  • Closing : Rev . Jeff SIKABWE
  • Vocals : 17 CECU
  • Final Blessing : Rev . Jeff SIKABWE
  • Group Photo
Ten Bible verses were recited by themes and commented by ten children girls and boys of different communities. They spoke French, Lingala and Kikongo are the languages ​​commonly spoken in the city of Kinshasa.
Before closing the event, the children were asked to pray to ask for the grace of God for all children in the Congo, Africa and the world, for their parents and our government.
The text of the Rights of the Child were distributed to the children who were all happy to learn that they have rights. They had each mission to bring the document and have it read as a family.
The closing speech was said by the Rev. Jeff SIKABWE Coordinator of the Organizing Committee. He thanked all the children, their churches and all participants for their interest in the celebration and committed to celebrating the World Day in November 20 of 2014.
Finally, refreshments were offered and a few souvenir photos were taken.
Date: Wednesday, 06 November 2013
Time: 14:40


Rev. Milenge Mwenelwata
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Event Photos