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22 April 2020


Girls educated on laws against child marriage

"Adolescent girls need to be aware of laws against child abuse and child marriage as in most cases they fall victims to such abuse," said Jecintha Martin, Secretary, Madurai District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), at an awareness camp here on Wednesday.

The awareness programme was organised by the District Legal Services Authority and District Child Welfare Department as part of the Girl Child Celebrations Week being observed from January 18 to 24.

Addressing the girl students during the campaign on child marriage and child abuse at Pillaimar Sangam Higher Secondary School, Ms. Jecintha said that the legal minimum age for marriage is 18 for girls. Child marriage affects the physical and the mental growth of the child besides her education, she added.

Ms. Jecintha stressed on the importance of education for girl child and said that education plays a key role in ending the social evil.

At the camp, students were educated on the right to education and laws against child marriage and abuse. Pamphlets bearing the contact details of DLSA were distributed to the students who were appealed to report cases of domestic, sexual violence, eve-teasing and other issues relating to women by calling the toll free number 1098.

T. Vasanthi, District Project Officer, Integrated Child Development Services said, "regular intake of green leafy vegetables, pulses, and fruits would provide the required level of proteins and iron."

She said that skipping breakfast would reduce the blood glucose level, causing fatigue, lesser attention span and disinterestedness in studies.

She termed breakfast as the "brain diet" as it would keep the brain alert and the body agile.

About 100 girl students aged between 15 and 18 years were oriented on adolescent health and hygiene and given tips on nutrition by the authorities.

M. Vijayalakshmi, District Child Protection Officer, participated.


**Madurai District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) awareness camp: Call toll free number 1098 to report cases of domestic violence