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Interfaith Prayer With Children In the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

22 April 2020


International Rescue Committee Petitions to President Obama for Action

As we approach Universal Children's Day on 20 November,  we are reminded that the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) will turn 21.  The CRC has been ratified by every country in the world except two: Somalia and the United States of America. While a crucial participant in the decade long drafting process, the United States has still not ratified the document it was so instrumental in shaping.

This week, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is providing a final opportunity for interested US child right activists to sign on to a petition urging the US to join the global consensus and ratify this treat. For more details, click here.

If you sign on by 12 November, your name will be shared when the IRC presents this petition to the Obama Administration later this month.