Announcing New Theme: Stop Violence Against Children

The spring meeting of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children Planning Committee was held in Geneva and formally agreed to adopt a new theme to guide all World Day activities for 2011-2013. The prevention of Violence against Children – in the home, and family, schools, alternative care institutions, workplace and the community – will inform the direction of all World Day activities, held in commemoration of Universal Children’s Day. World Day activities will focus in particular on issues which cut across all regions of the world: the abolition of corporal punishment, the prevention of early child marriage and the promotion of birth registration.

The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children offers religious leaders and members of their communities, including children and young people a chance to reaffirm their values and teachings on the protection and interest of children.  “Local action and working together in partnership with inter-governmental organizations, governments, civil society and faith-based organizations will unify us in a concerted effort to Stop Violence against Children.” explains Kul Gautam the Convening Chair.

Established by the Arigatou International in 2008, the World Day has mobilized activities on Universal Children’s Day in 46 countries in support of the Millennium Development Goals. But the World Day leaders have acknowledged a central fact: Violence against children is a major threat to global development and hinders our efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals. For example, we will not achieve universal primary education unless children are safe in school. Violence against children is also a major obstacle to gender equality.

We invite you to learn more about our new theme: Stop Violence against Children.


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