Alibe V. Hamacher

Alibe V. Hamacher

Chief Partnership & Development Officer - UN Liaison

Alibe Hamacher is a public affairs professional with experience in nonprofit management, corporate communications, marketing, fundraising, strategic partnership development, event management and research.
Nonprofit executives, United Nations leaders, government agencies, cultural entities and private sector professionals have recognized her for creating innovative, effective programs and forging strategic alliances.

While she was serving as Vice President of a New York City-based multicultural nonprofit, the UN Department of Global Communications invited her to address its 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. And in 2022, it invited her to speak at the UN Civil Society Briefing Networking Circles: From Hope to Inspiring Action.

Today, she is the Chief Partnership and Development Officer and Liaison to the United Nations for the New York City office of the nonprofit Arigatou International (AI). Headquartered in Tokyo and with offices in Geneva, Nairobi and New York City, AI develops multi-stakeholder initiatives to ensure that children’s rights are respected and protected and that children are treated with dignity and respect. AI engages diverse religious leaders and faith communities, international agencies, civil society organizations, governments, children, and young people in more than 80 countries. Employing an interfaith and intercultural approach, AI promotes positive change for children at the community, regional and global levels.

AI is closely affiliated with the United Nations under a special consultative status through the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Most recently, she secured affiliation for AI with the UN Department of Global Communications (UNDGC).

Ms. Hamacher focuses on advocating for the protection of children, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the UN mission and all its resources and partnerships. She has built strong ties with staff at all levels and learned about the UN structure and the benefits it brings to civil society organizations. These and other ties allow her to network and connect entities for project development, associations and collaborations.

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