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Pastoral da Crianca

Prayer for the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children Brazil

“Lord of Life, may our children be as You wish!

May our faith be of help in the quest for more dignity and quality of life for the children of our community and city, in Brazil and in the world.

Lord, the idolatry of wealth is a threat to peace in many places. Our planet is exploited and polluted ever more, and the children are the first to suffer when selfishness takes over people’s hearts. Give us courage to change this story!

Help us fight against the causes of poverty, injustice and oppression of children and their families.

Give us strength to prevent girls and boys today from being exploited and forced to work, getting involved with drugs, sleeping and awaking with hunger and thirst, not having a school in which to study and a safe space in which to play, and dying for preventable reasons.

We want the well-being of children and respect for their rights. We will protect them during their entire life, which is sacred. May Your spirit enlighten us to care for children, beginning in their mother’s womb, and to guarantee their rights of citizenship. May they receive vaccines and breast milk, adequate nourishment, clean water and opportunities to develop fully.

Lord of Life, together with our children, with a single voice, we are grateful for all the good that has come from so many people of good will. Our strength is in You, who takes us to action to build a world in which children may have life, and have it abundantly!


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