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Prayer for the Children

“Lord Jesus, you have proclaimed your solicitude for the small and the weak, and it manifested itself particularly to children.
They are the very symbols of fragility and their vulnerability makes them easy prey for exploiters.
Despite the solemn affirmation of their rights in 1989, children victims of various abuses are numerous worldwide.

Lord, we pray: For children who, from an early age, are forced to work in harsh conditions,
For the children who are recruited by force into the army and who are taught violence and cruelty,
For abandoned children wandering the streets looking for food and shelter,
For children who are sexually abused by wicked and unscrupulous individuals,
For children accused of being possessed by the devil or of practicing witchcraft, suspected of all evil, and on whom harsh punishment are imposed. For mentally and physically disabled children, who are abandoned or exploited as objects of spectacle or reprisals because of their infirmity,
For children who, for lack of nutrition and medicine cannot develop normally,
For those children guilty of offences who are kept in prisons in despicable and inhumane conditions.

Lord, you said: Let the little children come to me. Do not prevent them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like them, listen to our prayer and give to all the children of the world, the joy of living and hope for a better future. Amen.”

– Daughters of Wisdom

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