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Young People’s Multi-faith Prayer Biddings

Written for the UN World Children’s Day

November 20th 2013

Almighty God, we thank you
For life, and for the freedom and strengths of being young
For the gift of resilience
For new opportunities, experiences and horizons
For the privilege of education.

Divine Spirit, we ask
For happiness and safety in community
For thoughtfulness and support in our friendships
For wisdom to resist negative peer pressure
For parental or other adult help towards independence.

Lord of all, we remember across the world
Girls, boys and young people without enough to eat or drink
Boys, girls and young people affected by disease or disability
Girls, boys and young people unloved or abandoned by their families
Boys, girls and young people who live in places of conflict or chaos.

Heavenly Father, help us
To enjoy culture and sport, and to use the social media wisely
To discover and cherish our faith and to apply it caringly
To have generosity and respect towards those of other religions
To study without undue pressure, and to aim to work for the good of all.

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