Who We Are

Never before did humankind have the capacity to do so much good, to reach so many, to work with the poor and the oppressed, to empower them, and to promote justice and human rights for all, as we do today.

Let us commit ourselves, therefore, on Universal Children’s Day, to harness the power of our religious traditions and moral leadership to liberate all God’s children from poverty. Let us raise children to their full human potential. This is not just our duty, but the ultimate mark of our great human civilization.

- Kul Gautam

Celebrated on Universal Children’s Day – 20 November of each year – the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children connects people and organizations to protect children. Improving the welfare of children is an urgent global challenge. By working with the world’s diverse faith communities, governments and civil society, we can accelerate and magnify their efforts to help children worldwide.

Initiated by the global non-governmental organization, Arigatou International, the World Day has promoted prayer and action for the well-being of children on Universal Children’s Day since 2008.

The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children is an opportunity for both prayer and action on behalf of children.

The World Day is an opportunity for:

  • Diverse religious communities and people of faith everywhere, guided by their respective religious teachings and values, to express hope and determination through prayer, meditation and worship that the world be made fit for children; and
  • Cvil society, including people of good will, religious groups, governments and international organizations such as UNICEF, to take common action for children on issues including poverty, children’s rights, child protection, education and discrimination.
  • Action and advocacy on the World Day are inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Day is an opportunity not only to pray, but for everyone to take action that makes an immediate difference in improving children’s lives.

We invite you to learn more about how YOU can Take Action in building a world fit for children on the World Day 2016. We hope that you will participate and share your experiences with us.