Who Celebrates the World Day?


Children’s Celebration in Quito, Ecuador

In Ecuador 400 children and 100 adults marched through the city streets against violence towards children

The Celebration of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children was held on Saturday November 16, 2013 in the facilities (auditorium and yard) of the Catholic private school “Providence.” 400 children participated belonging to the Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran churches, the Baha’í Faith and from the schools Benito Juárez (public) and Providence (private), plus 100 adults including educators, authorities and parents.

The celebration began with a delicious snack, offered by the GNRC and with donations of members of the Baha’i Faith. The participants then started walking through the streets of the city center of Quito, and arrived in front of the Government’s Palace where they shouted slogans for the erradication of all forms of violence against children.The event was attended by the Media Coordinator of the National Government, who on behalf of the President, paid attention to the children and promised to convey their concerns to the President.

The celebration continued with a music and arts festival with the participation of the different churches and schools:
Lutheran Church – Theatre Play  “No to violence”
Benito Juárez School – Song and choreography “You can be like the sun”
Methodist Church – Choir
Methodist Church– Teatro Play: “Children’s problems within the family”.
La Providencia School– Play “Enough with violence” and song “celebrate life!”
Methodist Church – Folk dance of children
Bahaí Faith  – Folk Dance “Living together”The children enjoyed the artistic presentations and captured the non violent messages that the organizations wanted to convey. It was also an opportunity for them to interact with other children of different faiths and backgrounds.
The event ended with an interfaith prayer in the backyard of the school. The children released in the air some balloons containing the names of the organizations participating with the GNRC as a symbol of hope that all the prayers reach the children of the world.
Report by: Marco Laguatasi, GNRC Coordinator in Ecuador
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