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Creative art workshop among children with disability on violence against children

Last year on 2010, APED Nepal had conducted an Art workshop on peace among deaf children. Deaf children had created a beautiful artwork on 5 meter long canvas working together with celebrated artist Mr. Rabin Koirala and Chancellor of Nepal Fine Art Academy Respected Mr. Kiran Manandhar. Inspired by the ability of deaf children and their immense interest on art, we wish to continue doing that this year too.

This year, we have envisioned a creative art workshop together in which children with different disability come together to create an artwork and poem on theme of violence against children. Able bodied children of same age also will be involved in order to foster understanding, friendship and respect between children with disability and other children.

The programme will be divided into three sessions. In the first session, an activist will inform children about violence against children in Nepal. To make the programme more effective, children will be asked to be in any three groups they wish to join:

  1. Violence against children (VAC) at home
  2. VAC in educational institutions
  3. VAC in community

After being in specific group, children will brainstorm with their friends in different themes within their group. The discussion will be facilitated by teachers, religious leaders, artist, researchers, activists and members of APED-Nepal. The session will be used to identify perpetrators, nature of violence, effects of violence, and precautions from violence.

The second session will be focused on creative workshop. The children will take time to create their artwork and poem according to their wish within specific group. We will encourage children with disability to work together with able bodied children.

After the completion of artwork and poem, there will be closing ceremony. The closing ceremony will start with interfaith prayer. Religious leaders will speak on their perspective on violence against children with special focus on children with disability. Participating children, activists together with religious leaders will observe a minute long silence to commit for fighting violence against children together. The programme will end informally where participating children will explain and show their creations (artwork and poem) to religious leaders and other interested guests.

Keywords: Nepal, Asia, Violence Against Children, Children with Disabilities, Peace, Education, Development, local NGO,

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