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Day of Prayer and Action for Children – Tanzania 2010


Date; 15th and 16th November 2010

Issues: reflecting the DPAC theme which is “exclusive breast feeding”. Participants: 15 religious leaders from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar, 10 Community/government leaders and 10 children.

Peace March. 

Date; 20th November 2010

Issues: Theme: Breast feeding.  Participants: children and other partners having a stake in children. Children will carry different banners showing the importance of breast feeding.

Statement from 3 religion representatives.

Date; 20th November 2010

Issues:  Child protection, early child development, saving the Lives of Children and Women and good nutrition for children. Participants:  3000 primary school children, 60 patrons/matrons, religious leaders, representatives from different religions, UNICEF, Ministry of Education and Vocational training, and  Ministry of Gender women and children and other partners in Children Agenda.

Presentations of children’s statement in the form of poetry.

Date; 20th November 2010

Issues: The Top Ten investment for Children including; Investing in Saving the Lives of Children and Women, good nutrition, Safe Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, Early Childhood Development, Quality Education for all Children, Making Schools Safe, Preventing HIV and AIDS in Infants and Adolescent Girls, Reducing Teenage Pregnancy, Protecting Children from Violence, Abuse, and Exploitation and investing in Children with Disabilities. Participants: primary school children.

Observe one minute silent prayer at noon.

Date; 20th November 2010

Issues: Praying for all children in the world. Participants: religious leaders, children and other invited guests.

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