Who Celebrates the World Day?


Evening of Fellowship for children & youth

Friday 18th November 2011 • Morning Devotions at Schools highlighting “The Rights of a Child.” Teachers are encouraged to include the theme “Stop Violence against Children” by talking about ways & places/environments where children experience violence.

Activity Recap

From UNICEF Reports:

In the Turks and Caicos Islands the Social Development Department held several activities with religious leaders that included morning devotions at schools on 18 November followed by a “Night of Fellowship” on the evening of the same day. The programme consisted of prayers, praise team singing, performances from church youth groups, greetings from the Ministry representative and other government and community leaders. The night ended with a releasing of balloons that were the colours of the rainbow- the Day of Prayer and Action for Children logo depicting a child painting a rainbow. On Sunday 20 November religious leaders at all churches incorporated the theme of Stop Violence against Children in their sermons.



South East Bahamas

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