Who Celebrates the World Day?


Good nutrition and Good health Programme

Stats: 70 Attendees, 30 Adults, 20 Children, 7 Males, 60 Females

What Forms Did the Observations Take?
Interfaith Programme

What Form Was the Take Action?
Religious site visit

The programme was started at 3:30 pm at Bhai Information center. Nearly 70 to 80 people were present including children, youths and women, and five different faiths were represented i.e., Hinduism, Christianity, Bahaism, Islam and Budhism.

Mr. Shatrughan started the programme with welcoming note and handed over the mike to Miss Joyatsana Chaterjee. She introduced the World Day for Prayer and Action to the participants and gave some inputs about the objectives and importance of the day.  Mr. Babu Lal Sharma recites the common faith prayer.

Afterwards, an animated movie “UNCLE HAATHI” was shown on ill-effects of smoking and Alcohol drinking and how community can come together to eradicate this social problem.  After the movie Anjali from Baha’i information center recite one beautiful Baha’i prayer.

Then the forum was open for the discussion, women actively participated. The discussion was facilitated by Miss Jyotsana and Mr. Babaulal Sharma. Main points which were raised during the discussion were:

One of the participants raised the issue that “children follow their father’s footsteps, when father is a smoker and alcoholic then how come, their children stay away from these things.”

“Life becomes hell for a wife and children of an alcoholic. Even if a child earns some money, their father snatched that too.”  Mr. Babulal sharma mentioned that problem is deep but we ourselves have to find the solution. Women themselves should think how they can solve the problems because only joint efforts can solve this problem.

Then 18 or 19 years old girl intervened and said that a wife is aware about the weakness of her husband. She knows her husband better than anyone else. So, they should take some strong step by keeping their weaknesses in mind.

A young girl of 6 -7 years old girl came to the microphone and said that ‘my father is not an alcoholic’ and a boy of 3-4 years recite the poem ‘Jonny Jonny yes papa’.

Two Baha’i volunteers taught a group step-dance to the participants. And the programme was ended with Lotus temple visit and refreshments.

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