Who Celebrates the World Day?


Interfaith Mass at the Don Bosco Basilica

With the support of the Ecumenical Committee and UNICEF, the messages of support for children’s rights and to end violence against children culminated in an interfaith mass in Panama, which was broadcast by the media.

Activity Recap

On November 23, a solemn mass was celebrated in the Don Bosco Basilica. The Eucharist was led by the Archbishop of the Metropolitan Diocese, José Domingo Ulloa, to celebrate the World Day of Prayer for Children promoted by the Ecumenical Committee and the Global Network of Religions with the support of UNICEF.

Various governmental authorities attended the interfaith event that also featured the presence of 300 children and adolescents and representatives of UNICEF and the General Director of the SENNIAF. The Archbishop of Panama, Monsignor José Domingo Ulloa, invited the entire population without distinction of creed to take action at home and in the community to protect children and adolescents from all forms of violence, physical and psychological abuse in the country. The Mass was attended by leaders of other religious communities and faiths such as Bishop Julio Murray, President of the Ecumenical Committee and Bishop of the Episcopal Church; Aurora Carrasco, of the Baha’i Community, Rabbi Gustavo Kraselnik of the Congregation KolShearit Israel, Lady Verona Salmon of the Latin American Council of Churches and Reverend Roland Schnell Church Balboa Union Church.

The event had a very good media coverage. This was possible thanks to the media tour organized by GNRC and the Ecumenical Committee together with UNICEF.

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