Who Celebrates the World Day?


Interfaith prayer and light ceremony

The programme started with welcome speech of the president of APED Nepal, Mr. Dadhiram Khanal. He welcomed everybody in the programme and gave information about future DPAC events that APED Nepal was undertaking for the year of 2013 with the theme of child marriage and positive parenting.

Interfaith prayer started with Buddhist prayer from  Acharya Norbu Sherpa. Similarly Ms. Tara Acharya, President of Nepalese Tao Association shared Tao prayer. Secretary of Nepal Council of Churches in Nepal, Pastor Dr. K.B. Rokaya offered Christian Prayer. Similarly, Maulana Nazrul Hasan Falahi offered prayer in Islam and called all religious leaders to work together to fight against violence against children and give positive message that ” religion does not divides but unites people”.  Member of Nepal Jain Parishad Guru Naman Upadhyay offered prayer on behalf of Jain community. Similarly, Guru Sabitri Poudel, President of Gayatri Pariwar offered Hindu Prayer and called all religious leaders and people present in the programme to join the Clean Bagmati campaign. Mr. Narendra Pande, former secretary of National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahaiis of Nepal offered prayer on behalf of Bahaii community.  Similarly, Gyani Gurubox Singh of Guru Nanak Satsang Gurudwara offered prayer on behalf of Sikh community.

After the interfaith prayer, Ms. Indira Manandhar, President of Religion for the Peace and chief guest of the programme said that all religion have common message of humanity and spirituality.  Similarly, Mr. Kiran Manandhar, chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts urged all religious leaders and people present in the programme to work collectively to fight violence against children.

At the end of the programme, light ceremony was performed. Small earthen lamps of cotton and oil were lit by religious leaders one by one. The ceremony concluded with religious leader’s commitment work together to combat violence against children. There were more than 200 people present in the programme.


Aamideva Buddha Park


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