Who Celebrates the World Day?


Positive Parenting Workshop for Children and Parents


Special type of communication between parents and their children where they will have to replace roles. Parents will become the children and the children will become the parents. Through certain perfomance of their actual life situations, children will show parents how they behave to them and why they are not satisfied with that  and then the parents will show the children  how they behave toward them. In this ” face to face ” communication, we will have role reversals and the parents will have to return to their adolescence and start thinking like teens and then they will be able to understand their teens and then be expected to occur to improve relations between them. 

II – Program to End Corporal Punishment

The evidence that corporal punishment is harmful to children, adults and societies is overwhelming. According to a recent study by the Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment of Children, more than 150 studies show associations between corporal punishment and a wide range of negative outcomes, while no studies have found evidence of any benefits.

We will use a list of action steps that Lena Karlsson, Director of the Child Protection Initiative at Save the Children and  a Council Member of World Day of Prayer and Action for Children and her  colleague,  Sara Johansson,  Advisor for Child Protection recommended in their program to teach parents non-violent child-rearing practices. This  program will provide parents with the information, training and skills required to raise children without resorting to violence.

We will use the LTLT – Learning to live together manual.

During the workshop,  parents and children will watch the documentary  “Breath of Life” by Snjezana Brezo created as a record of a big  tragedy,  the death of 12  babies during the war  in 1992, in Clinical Centre in Banja Luka.

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