Who Celebrates the World Day?


Recreational Workshops for Excluded Children and At-Risk Youth

DPAC was celebrated on the 22nd of November at the Catholic Marist School of Samambaia, a center for excluded children and at risk youth.

Activity Recap

The Day of Prayer and Children at the Catholic Marist School of Samambaia, a centre for excluded children and at-risk youth, with approximately 400 people participating in simultaneous recreation workshops. These workshops were organized for children aged 4 to 11, 9 to 15, and youth above the age of 16, and included drama, arts, dance, music, and handcrafts. Among the organizations present: the Baha’i Community, Pastoral da Crianca (Children’s Pastoral), the Lutheran Church, the Catholic Church, the Municipal Council for Human Rights, the United Religions Initiative (URI), and the Spiritist Brasilian Federaition. The celebration started with a spiritual moment between faiths.

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