Who Celebrates the World Day?


Stop Violence Against Children

The meeting began with a prayer dedicated to all children in the world from Ustaadha Hannan Shee. Ms. Nancy Leila then introduced Arigatou International and discussed types of violence that children face in the community, such as of physical, emotional and mental abuse, and offered advice on how children can avoid and report potential child abusers. This was followed by a song (qaswida) and a poem performance from Madrasatul Thaqadhum children, educating everyone on child rights. The children also offered a prayer dedicated to their fellow children of the world.

Mr. Alfred Sigo then chaired a session where children gave examples of violence in their communities. The children isolated rape cases to be the worst form of violence sadly found in the community. Mr. Sigo outlined the procedure a rape victim should take. The children also brought up challenges to countering violence against children such as fear (in cases where lives were threatened), isolation from the community, guilt towards family members, and stigma. The children pledged to report to a trusted person situations of abuse or attempted abuse or knowledge of another child being abused.

Pastor Fredrick Ouma also emphasized the importance of religious leaders in the campaign for ending violence against children, as well as the importance of educating the community and the children to create awareness. The meeting ended with a word of prayer from Pastor Ouma.

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