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Strengthen the Family System Postive Parenting Project Workshop

The main objective of the CPCJ (Comissão de Protecção de Crianças e Jovens) program is to: create awareness, empower and discuss with parents and children about the problems that affect children and families, the roots causes and to develop competencies, attitudes and skills conducive to positive parenting.

CPCJ will take part in a meeting on 11 December to bring educators, religious leaders and professionals working directly with children to discuss, reflect and create awareness about the importance and the need to develop skills and attitudes conducive to Positive Parenting. A representative from Arigatou International in Geneva will speak at the conference.

During this meeting the Positive Parenting Program based on the Learning to Live Together model will be introduced with the intention to implement with parents and children during 2013/2014. The objective is also to motivate other professionals working on this area to take part on the project.

Venue address and more details to follow.

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