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Training of Educators & Parents on Positive Discipline and Positive Parenting

On the 23rd November 2013, the Quran House shall conduct its first “Train the Trainer” course for about 15 primary and secondary teachers at their educational complex at Rose Hill. Through sensitization and education of the concerned people, Quran House aim at using this preventive approach to reduce, if not, eliminate violence in families. This will develop “skills” of parents to discipline their kids in a non-violence manner, and cultivate a loving personality in their children.

“Train the Trainer” is a comprehensive programme for those who are constantly in touch with the children (mainly educators of primary and secondary schools) and parents. Once trained, the participants can easily coach the parents they are liaising or working with.

About Quran House
Founded in 1959 and registered as a socio-cultural and charitable institution in April 1975, Quran House has a cultural and educational complex. The institution is non-political and non-sectarian, with the following main objectives:-
1. To propagate the teachings of Islam and promote its cultural values.
2. To promote the education of Muslim youth- boys & girls- based on Islamic values.
3. To extend facilities and assistance to needy persons, irrespective of their ethnic origin or their creed.
4. To foster better understanding and co-operation between Muslims and people of other faiths.
5. To co-operate with other associations and individuals working for the common good of Mauritian Community in general.
6. To set up institutions for the realization of its aims & objectives.


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