Who Celebrates the World Day?


We Care Club visit to the Naivahsa, Mai Mahiu Camp for the Internally Displaced Persons: Rift Valley, Kenya

On 20th November 2012, members of the We Care Club (majority of whom are primary school children) will visit the Mai Mahiu Camp for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), which was set up after the 2007/8 post election violence in Kenya. Led by the founder of the club, 12-year old Stephen Njoroge, We Care Club will seek to show friendship and love to their fellow age-mates by praying, playing with and sharing a meal with the children living at the IDP camp. They will be joined by youth friends and partners of ACRL to:

  • Host a football tournament and other fun games for the children the IDP Camp
  • Help organise members of the We Care Club to write the ‘Peace Letters’ to the children living in the IDP Camp; so as to show their concern, comfort, prayers and support
  • Lead the children to have ‘Tree Pals’; that is planting trees to signify their newfound friendship with each other, and thus encouraging them to remember and care for one another, as they would take care of their newly planted trees
  • Lead a moment of silence and prayer on behalf of other children around the world
  • Make ‘ Fun-clarations’ – whereby every child shall be asked to declare what they most care about and from then henceforth, use these in the most fun way, to advocate for changes in issues which affect them.


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