Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day 2012 Observance: “Alamaria” school, Lod, Israel

This year we are going to have an educational activity in two different schools (one Arab and one Jewish) about children’s rights. We are going to focus on the right to equality.

The event will contain two main activities. The first activity will talk about the children’s rights in general. We are going to put some pictures in the class, which describe different situations that talk about rights. The children will be asked to go around in the class and to write under the pictures that he feels connect with, his thoughts, feelings or whatever they wants. After that we are going to have a short conversation about the activity, the rights of the children in Israel and in the world.

The second main activity will be the “Chocolate Game” which focuses on the right to equality.

Moreover, we are going to have some ice breaking games at the beginning (we thought about the ‘diminishing islands’).

Keywords: Arab, Jewish, Judaism, Israel, violence against children, school, education, human rights, NGO, non-governmental organization, FBO, faith based organization


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