Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day Observance in Argentina

An observance of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children organized by the GNRC national committee of Argentina.

Activity Recap

GNRC Argentina Comes Together to “Change the Way You Look”

The Day of Prayer and Action for Children was celebrated amidst thrills and joy on November 19, after 5 years of GNRC Argentina working for children and non-violence.

Thousands of people crossing San Justo Plaza, Buenos Aires witnessed the organizations and over 350 children on Saturday morning.

The motto was a challenge: “Let’s Learn to Change the Way We Look,” meaning not to stigmatize youth: “looks like side-glances, accusing, violent, hurt instead of hold… seeing only one side of the coin…” The organizations “Barrio 22 Enero,” Santa Clara Chapel, A Roof For All, and Youth Mobilization Institute, exhibited their productions and actions. Other organizations participated such as the municipalities of La Matanza and La Nacion. The Ministry of Education’s Tent “Connecting Equality” enabled everyone to learn through 40 installed computer stations. They made two videos depicting the situations of violence they live with. The traditional “murga” street band added color and music to the Day.

Present were Rodolfo Sánchez Rubio, Catholic delegate for ecumenism and inter-faith dialogue; Pastor Viviana Pinto representing the Protestant Churches; Alicia Arrom for the Bahá’í Faith; Javier Canal from Soka Gakkai Foundation; Sergio Diaz representing the original peoples, and Ahmet Korkut of the Argentinian Turkish Foundation. Greetings came from UNICEF representative Andres Franco, Bishop Aldo Etchegoyen President of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights, from Caritas, from the Jewish Community, and from the President of Defense for Children International (DCI) Dr. Norberto Liwski.

Notable was the memorial for Norma Miranda, known for her commitment to defending life, lead by Peace Prize recipient Adolfo Perez Esquival and Ana De Medio GNRC Argentina Coordinator. Her children were present. There was also a video conference with Laura Lopez-Bech of Arigatou International Foundation in Geneva.

Summarized from the article by Ana de Medio
GNRC Argentina

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