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World Day Observance in Brazil

World Day Celebrations in Brazil will take place in conjunction with the Day of Afro Consciousness (Dia da Conciencia Negra) the week of November 20th. Multiple public events will build awareness around the theme of violence against children.

Activity Recap

Porto Alegre Celebrated the Day of Prayer and Action for Children

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The Day of Prayer and Action for Children was celebrated in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, on November 18, 2011, at the College Center-YMCA. For the first time there was participation by the leaders and children from multiple religious institutions.

The activity began with a greeting and a short explanation of the nature of the event, introducing the GNRC logo and the idea of cultural diversity and interfaith celebration represented in the image of the rainbow projected in the World Day logo.

Each participating group was introduced. Then the song “Watercolor of Brazil” was performed by children with gestures. Next were workshops. The children were divided into nine groups, each with a different color wristband. They had diverse recreational activities such as a toy making workshop, storytelling, cooperative games, painting of meaningful words, face-painting.

The children got to know each other, and demonstrated their creativity and ingenuity building toys with recycled material. They colored words in their own language and in other languages, with guidance from the workshop instructors. They learned the meaning of new words as well as their relationship with the meaning of the event.

The group moved on to the second moment at the school square where each child received a small sapling. They arranged the plants forming a bed multicolored flowers around a tree decorated with a beautiful big orange bow. The children showed care and love with every little seedling that was gently introduced into the earth as one who plants a green, colorful and sustainable future.

The activity ended with the whole group in the school auditorium, where the Prayer of the Child (the Children’s Pastoral Services version) was recited. Remarks from some children, “I had never shared anything with children of other religions.” “Next year I will participate again” (Paola).

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Solemn Session for the Day of Prayer and Action for Children at the Federal Chamber of Deputies in the Capital of Brazil

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A solemn session was held at the Ulysses Guimaraes plenary in the Chamber of Deputies at Brasilia on November 16, 2011, to commemorate the Day of Prayer and Action for Children, with deputies, members of the diplomatic corps and 250 children and youth.

A solemn session took place, presided by Deputy Mauro Benevides (CE) and later by Deputy Liliam Sa (RJ) at Ulysses Guimaraes plenary in the Chamber of Deputies in Brasilia, Federal District on November 16, 2011, to commemorate the Day of Prayer and Action for Children. The ceremony was held under the initiative of Deputy Liliam Sa (RJ), president of the Parliamentary Front for the Defense of the Rights of the Child and Adolescents, with 250 children and youth present.

Following the message by Chamber President Deputy Marco Maia (RS), words were offered on behalf of the GNRC Global Network of Religions for Children by Mercedes Roman GNRC coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Rosilea Roldi Wille, of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI) and representative of GNRC for Brazil.

Present at the ceremony were the African Traditions, Bahá’í Community, Catholics, Lutherans, Shin Buddhist Temple, Association of Families for Unification and World Peace, Center for Bible Studies, leaders and youth from the Children´s Pastoral Services, Initiative of United Religions, Kolping of Brasil. Also, beside the Deputies present, so was the Ambassador for Taiwan Mr. Jorge Guang-pu Shyu.

Song and dance presentations were offered by children from School of the Nations, Alziro Zarur School, Goodwill Legion, Victoria Regia School. At the end of the session the children and Child Pastoral Services together recited the Latin American Prayer created for the Day.

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