Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day Observance in Kabarnet Division of Baringo County, Kenya

Kenya, Kabarnet Division of Baringo County

Baringo County is located approximately 300km from the city of Nairobi. DPAC activities were carried out in eleven primary schools in Kabarnet Division.

Dates celebrated: 14th to 19th November 2011

Many of Africa’s conflicts and violent activities have majorly been traced to inadequate resources. With many economies being agriculture dependent, climate change has negatively affected many countries in Africa, with high poverty levels being recorded. Tree planting was chosen as one of the activities to mark DPAC as a way of mitigating effects of climate change.
The days leading up to the climax day (14-19 November) in Baringo county were used to plant trees in 10 primary school grounds in Kabarnet Division. These schools were: Kaptorokwo, Kapchomuso, Kapropita, Kiboino, Seguton, Turkuo, Kituro, Kapkut, Visa Oshwal and Mumol primary schools.

Teachers engaged children on the concept of Violence Against Children after which trees were planted in each school.


Keywords: Kenya, Africa, violence against children, education,

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