Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day Observance in Kenya

An observance of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children organized by the UNICEF country office of Kenya.

Activities include working with primary, and secondary schools. The goal is to bring children and teachers together along with religious leaders to pray.  This will provide the participating children an opportunity to understand the concept of violence and its effects and provide support to children who are suffering from neglect (ie. providing school uniforms). There will also be talk of the launch of a new Peace Club.

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Religions for Peace affiliated Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, inter-faith networks and religious leaders from 3 targeted communities will participate in mobilization activities with their communities.

Build up activities

1. Tree Planting

2. Interactive sessions among pupils on the concept of violence

Climax Day

  1. Presentation on Violence against children and child rights
  2. Religious perspectives (Muslim and Christian)
  3. Tree Planting
  4. Issuing of School uniforms to 48 Children
  5. Launching of Peace Clubs

School grounds of:

  1. Kapchomuso Primary school
  2. AIC Visa Oshwal Primary School
  3. Kapropita Primary School
  4. Kapkut Primary School
  5. Seguton Primary School
  6. Kiboino Primary School
  7. Mumol Primary School
  8. Kaptorokwo Primary School
  9. Turkuo Primary School
  10. Kituro Primary School
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