Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day Observance in Malawi

In Malawi, UNICEF and the Malawi Association of Inter-faith AIDS Association are planning a variety of activities around 2012 DPAC (implemented in January 2013), as part of ongoing capacity building and awareness raising programs for religious communities. Firstly, advocacy meetings with the synods and leadership’s of Malawi’s faith community will be held. Secondly, follow-up meetings with a select number of Pastors and Imams in three regional meetings will be convened to ensure the dissemination of core child protection messages and materials across their respective parishes. Further, in partnership with the Ministry of Information, Communication and Education, a mobilization and orientation of the mass media will be accompanied with the production of four radio jingles and four TV spots to commemorate the day, running quarterly for the next one year. Also, human interest stories, children’s columns, slogans and IEC inserts in newspapers with core messages will be featured. Lastly, selected materials will be translated into Chichewa and distributed alongside the English language IEC materials produced in 2011.

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