Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day Observance in Senegal

In Senegal, around the World Day for Prayer and Action for Children, the Ministry of Women and Children, in partnership with the Network of Islam and Population, representative from the key religious brotherhoods of Tidyiane et Niasser, the civil society (PARRER and CONAFE), and the catholic church organized a series of events involving the medias (TV, radios and newspapers) around the theme: “Stop violence against street children: where are we with our efforts? A joint responsibility”.
The celebration, which took the form of different events, was an opportunity to launch the work that Muslim scholars and Imams are undertaking, in partnerships with the Government and civil society on two major sensitive themes in Senegal, namely child begging and FGM/C. Following the development of the Islamic argumentation on child protection published in 2011, a network of Imams, Oulemans, Muslims scholars, sociologists, and the civil society (PARRER), with the support of the Ministry of Women and Children, are currently developing communication tools for Imams around child protection and FGM/C. A press conference was thus launched with the Imam representing the Network of Islamand Population, the Director from the Ministry of Women and Children and the civil society, during which the Iman presented the argumentation and communication tools which will be finalized by the end of the year. 7 national newspapers, 4 online news, 5 radio stations covered the event. A 2 hours television debate was organized on a main national TV station, which was broadcasted live. Participants to the debate were the chief Imam representing the Network of Islam and Population; a representative from the Ministry of Women and Children; representatives from the Catholic Church and from the civil society (PARRER), and UNICEF.

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