Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day of Prayer and Action in Blumenau

On the 2014 World Day for Prayer and Action for Children, Pastoral da Crianca (Children’s Ministry) together with religious traditions will hold celebrations in various locations to commemorate their year-round project of conversation circles. Conversation circles are part of an expansive outreach spanning ten cities, working in dialogue with disadvantaged families who have been suffering in silence, afraid to talk about what was happening in their homes. Ministry leaders and coordinators then pursue solutions to the challenges they gather, with help from traditional religious organizations, groups and government offices.

In Blumenau, the event will be held twice at Paróquia São Francisco de Assis, Rua Francisco Valdieck, Bairro Fortaleza: November 22 at 7pm, and November 23 at 8am.

Keywords: conversation circles, dialogue, non-violence, interfaith, government, religious communities, outreach

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