Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day of Prayer and Action in Porto

On November 20, Colégio do Rosário, a private school based in Porto – Portugal, will join Arigatou International, celebrating the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children.
During this day, the students and the school staff will complete a set of actions to raise awareness around Children’s rights.
At the door of each classroom a marker will be placed with the question “Why me”, asking students to think about those children whose life circumstances unfortunately prevent them from seeing their rights respected; on the back of this marker there will be a prayer to be read during the first lecture of the day;
In the main entrance, it will be placed the Arigatou logo (a child coloring a rainbow) and a photograph of  “Espaço Raíz” (a project that works with disadvantaged children in Porto) with different expressions of the elderly who help in this center. This is their motto – ‘Being a child is ….’
At 9.40 am, there will be a group of prayer, with representatives of the students, the school staff, the religious community and their families, where different candles will be lighted as a symbol of union with all the children in the World. After this ceremony, the students of the 3rd year will perform the song “We have sunshine smiles” which will certainly close this moment in a special way.
This is just a single initiative, among many others that have already happened and others that are yet to happen throughout this school year. Together these initiatives will certainly help each individual to find different paths with the true meaning of “Approaching myself … to Transform.”
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