Dr. Mohammad Sammak

Secretary General of the Christian-Muslim Committee for Dialogue

Dr. Mohammad Sammak was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He is Advisor to the Mufti of Lebanon, and also serves as Secretary General of the Christian-Muslim Committee for Dialogue, Secretary General of the Islamic Permanent Committee (Sunnit-Shiat Druze), and Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Christian-Muslim Arab Group. A prolific author, he is a member of various professional journalistic societies, including The Union of Lebanese Writers and the Union of Arab Journalists. In addition, he serves as a member of the Lebanese National UNESCO Committee, and serves on the board of both Christian and Islamic educational institutions. He is a political analyst for Ahram Newspaper (Cairo), Ittihad Newspaper (Abu Dhabi), and Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper (Beirut). He has written and published 20 books on intra-Arab relations, interreligious relations, minority affairs, politics and religion, and the history of the Middle East.

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