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Child Marriage in Lebanon and the Syrian Movement Conference

On the occasion of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children and in collaboration with the GNRC and CNTSL, The Annas Association Linnas has organized a conference and dialogue meeting under the title: “Child marriage in Lebanon and the Syrian movement” with Sheikh Iyad Abdalla, Mohammad chiekh Elamili, P. Abdo Raad and Ms. Lama Naja.
Date: 20-11-2013 at 4:30
Location: Office CNTSL, Badaro, Beirut
Time: one hour and a half with a small snack break
The event will conclude with a common prayer.

Thirty people in Lebanon representing social organizations and schools such as the Sisters of the Holy Family Maronite Development Association, the Association of Childhood, the Antonine sisters, two journalists, a photographer, a television reporter, and various city government officials, and 10 Lebanese and Syrian children age 8-15 years attended.

Journalist Sawt el Mada asked if it is dangerous for children to attend a conference of this kind. The children present responded by recounting their personal experiences, what they hear on the street and what they see in the media. They appealed to have the right to participate in such conferences and have correct and pertinent information to lead their lives and to defend themselves in case of danger. They also stated their desire to participate in future seminars to educate and provide proper knowledge.

A number of participants stressed the importance of awareness and the creation of laws to protect children, especially against the sexual abuse and exploitation of small Syrian girls who are the prime victims.

The meeting had a good impact and all of the presenters expressed their thoughts to the assembly. The conclusion that everyone agreed on was the rejection of all forms of violence and coercion in marriage and child trafficking.

A l’occasion de la journée mondiale d’action et de prière pour les enfants et en collaboration avec la GNRC et le CNTSL L’association Annas Linnas, vous invite à une rencontre de dialogue sous le titre: “Le mariage des enfants au Liban et le déplacement syrien” avec Cheikh Iyad Abdalla, chiekh Mohammad Elamili, P. Abdo RAAD, Mme Lama Naja.
Date : 20-11-2013, à 4h30
Lieu: bureau du CNTSL, Badaro, Beyrouth
Durée: une heure et demi comprenant une petite pause e un goûter
Conclusion par une prière commune.
لمناسبة اليوم العالمي للصلاة والعمل من أجل الأطفال
يسر جمعية الناس للناس، بالتعاون مع المجلس الوطني للخدمة الاجتماعية في لبنان
والشبكة العالمية للأديان من أجل الأطفال
دعوتكم إلى لقاء حواري بعنوان: “زواج الأطفال في لبنان والنزوح السوري”
الزمان: الأربعاء 20-11-2013 الساعة 30،4 بعد الظهر
المكان: مركز المجلس الوطني، بدارو، بيروت. مدة اللقاء: ساعة ونصف، يتخلله استراحة قصيرة مع عصرونية.
يشارك فيه: الأستاذ فيصل حمدان، الشيخان محمد العاملي وإياد عبدالله، الأب عبدو رعد والسيدة لما نجا.
يختتم بصلاة مشتركة
Syria, child marriage, Syrian refugees, French, Arabic, interfaith, group prayer, discussion


Centre of the National Council , Badaro, Beirut


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