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‘Children for Peace’ workshop

The ‘Children for Peace’ workshop will bring together over 80 children as representatives from 35 ‘Children for Peace’ groups from seven provinces of the island for a 3-day leadership development workshop.

The participating children will map out the implementation of the DPAC campaign for the protection of children in their local communities and be inspired to act for the well being of children island wide.  Also tangible skills development will enable them to lead their children’s groups and make an impact on the community.

The workshop is scheduled in December from the 21st-23rd following the DPAC national celebration on 20th November 2010 and the launch of the campaign for the protection of children.

The event was scheduled in December during school holiday period as it would benifit the children the best avoiding the school examiniation period in November and not having to miss their studies at schools.

For more information write to:  suchith@gnrc.net

Keywords: Buddhism, Sri Lanka

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