Who Celebrates the World Day?


Conference for Children in Orphanages

The event began with youth representatives from orphanages, government welfare agencies and faith communities (Muslim, Christina, Hindu and Buddhist) from each of the 30 to 40 districts of Nepal illuminating the “peace light” as a symbol for world peace for children of the world. This was followed by a prayer and talk on violence against children at which point children were divided into groups to come up with ways to prevent violence against children. Groups then presented their findings to the rest of the conference participants.

After a short lunch and tea break, videos on child marriage, violence against children and child labor in Nepal were shown. Each representative agreed to prepare a drama on these subjects to present to their schools once they returned.

The next session was derived from the Learning to Live Together manual with a discussion on “Understanding Self and Other and Transforming the World Together” and included a self reflection before participating in the My Life Tree activity.

The day ended with chants about ending violence against children and each representative promising to share what they had learned with their friends, school- mates, and communities.


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