Who Celebrates the World Day?


Day of Prayer and Action Somaliland

Borama is the third largest city in Somaliland with an estimated population of 120,000. The World day of prayer and action for children was marked and commemorated in Borama. The slogan of the event was “healthy and cared children in a stable and beautiful environment” which blended well with the overall theme of this year’s DPAC theme of reducing child mortality and improving maternal health.

The organization and preparation of the event was done by GNRC africa and SAYS (Somaliland Association for Youth Salvation) in association with Aloog primary school, Sheikh Abdirahman Qadi Primary School, and Adan Isaq Secondary School. SAYS liaised with The Youth league, Borama General Hospital and the Religious Elder’s Council of Borama joining their hands to help children, give them the attention they required and organize for them an environment where they can grow, learn, and enjoy their lives.

The events that decorated the event were simple but effective. Most of the activities of the event took place at SAYS conference hall. A number of children of 30 in number took the initiative to plant trees in different schools and other locations of Borama city. They planted trees in Aloog, Sh.Abdirahman primary schools and Adan Isaq Secondary school. In addition to this, all the children who participated in the event got free medical checkup. Basic checkups were undertaken by one of the renowned young doctors in Borama- Dr. Salah, contributing to the health of the children.

Another important session conducted was a two-hour workshop that addressed the importance of peace, and advocacy for children rights especially the disabled children. The workshop was facilitated by SAYS. Important people who attended the workshop included, SAYS Executive Director, a youth leader Mr. Nageye, religious leader form Borama-Sheikh Ibrahim, Parents like Mr. Mohamed Ali and other leaders. The workshop was very effective as most of the participants, including the children, showed active participation and contributed substantial and valuable ideas.

The outcomes of the events of the day include increased awareness of the community towards children’s issues, some trees planted to improve the environment for a better tomorrow, children were remembered and prayed for, orphaned children were given medical care, and different institutions were connected to address children’s issues offering a collective hope together.

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