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Machakos Interfaith Prayer and Action for Children

Proper upbringing and survival of children ensures a solid community of believers for tomorrow. Thus, the faith community in Kenya is entirely committed to ensure that children get the best opportunities in life for them to survive, develop and grow to their fullest.

The Machakos Interfaith Network in Eastern Kenya will organise an afternoon of prayer, fellowship and reflection based on scripture and reflection on the challenges, opportunities and actions for child protetion.

This activity will be held on the 26th November 2011 at Muslim Primary School near Susu Center, Machakos and will invovle religious leaders together with over 200 children sharing and mapping out concrete strategies to tackle issues under this years theme.

This event is organised by Inter-Religious Council of Kenya which is part of the Religions for Peace (NY) network and UNICEF Kenya. The invited guests include the District Officer, Childrens Officer from the Goverment, Unicef Kenya staff, local leaders and children from faith based institutions and public schools.

Religious leaders, children and guest will share a joint interfaith meal then hold prayers after which presentations, skits and speeches by children will be shared that highlight on the thematic areas of child protection.

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