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Positive Parenting, Baringo Kenya

In Baringo Central, there exist cases of child right violations and like many other parts of the country, they are more evident at household and school settings. The children’s department and other relevant ministries and agencies charged with the responsibility of enforcement are not able to address these violations adequately. Many violations go unreported to the relevant authorities for appropriate action. This is compounded by the lack of a coordinated strategy amongst CSOs and other child-rights actors.

The activities therefore seek to create awareness and advocate for the elimination of violence against children in Baringo County through the promotion of non-violent discipline and positive parenting. The proposed action titled, ‘Promoting Positive Parenting and Non-Violent Disciplining of Children’ seeks to mobilize and bring together religious leaders from all faiths in and link them with other actors involved in the area of child-rights in a in a participatory process that will aim at ensuring a full realization of the rights of the child especially towards the promotion of positive parenting and non-violent discipline. The actors present will then be petitioned through statement release to commit to the protection of children. As a remembrance, trees will be planted in the nearest school ground where the activity will take place.


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