Who Celebrates the World Day?


Series of Positive Parenting Programs

Throughout October and November, two educational programs will take place. These aim to teach positive parenting to those who work with disadvantaged children.

Activity Recap

Starting in October 2013, Sol Mentis organized 2 educative programs with Department of Child Protection staff, who works directly with disadvantaged children, on positive parenting. 40 psychologists, social workers, social mothers, educators participate in the workshops of positive parenting, learning how to build a positive emotional connection with the children they work with. The programs include 4 sessions which offered the staff concrete support in managing the difficulties they have in educating children.

In November 2014, SOS villages Foundation Romania benefited by the same program of parenting education. 20 social mothers working with 60 orphan children in the village werere helped to understand the children better, and to manage difficult emotions and inadequate behaviors.

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