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Training Sessions on Positive Parenting

Experts on parenting will coach and train resource persons in positive parenting. These resource people will conduct focus group discussions on positive parenting next year.

Activity Recap

In Mauritius, on the occasion of DPAC, a group of 7 professional women practitioners gathered at the Talent Centre, in Pierrefonds on the 15th of November for a WORKSHOP ON POSITIVE PARENTING organized by the ‘WE CARE’ group. The workshop provided insight and inspired the participants to Positive Parenting in the face of today’s domestic challenges. Two main facilitators, Ms. Hasnah A.R. Founder of Positive Focus Pte Ltd and Dr Inderbir Sandhu from MIND PATH CONSULTING SERVICES shared their knowledge in four areas of expertise: Giftedness: Creativity: Critical thinking: Positive

The workshop also included a 45 minutes intervention by Psychologist Mushirah Koodabux on Challenges to Positive Parenting contextualized to the situation of Mauritius. The project began initially with the Quran House hosting the first workshop in November 2013 and was then transferred to We Care which has as main objective to specialize in Positive Parenting activities at national level. At the end of this workshop all participants were enthusiastic and willing to become specialized in Positive parenting.

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