Who Celebrates the World Day?


Week long activities mark the DPAC 2012 in Tanzania

In Tanzania, World Day of Prayer and Action for Children was marked through week long activities involving over 3,000 children and youth from peace clubs across the country, mostly from marginalized communities including children with disability engaged in dialogue through school forums, radio talk shows and meetings with community leaders, all advocating an end to violence against children. On the day, religious leaders were joined by government, civil society, children and youth to renew the commitment on the fight against sexual, physical and emotional violence to children. The event also celebrated the 23rd Anniversary of the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. A series of theatrical performances were carried out by children through singing, poetry reading and dancing all conveying messages about violence and ways to address it including encouraging children to speak out. The event was not only marked by celebration but also quiet contemplation in prayer from Muslim and Christian faith praying to God to bless all attended the event, to help save every child in danger of abuse and to bless the government in the efforts to alleviate children who are suffering from violence and abuse.


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