Who Celebrates the World Day?


Workshop and Training for the Youth: Advocacy and Its Use in Ending Child Poverty

The idea is to train youth on how to make an efficient use of advocacy mechanisms to contribute to the eradication of poverty and end child poverty. They will also be invited to build a plan of advocacy for youths involved with the GNRC group Doboj and other active youths in the town. During this workshop and training, the participants will gain theoretical and practical skills on the themes of Poverty, Child Poverty, Child Rights, Advocacy, Advocacy Strategies and Advocacy mechanisms. After this workshop and training, they will be involved in a working group at the level of the municipality along with all the representatives who will be participated in a round table and will be able to contribute in a practical way of developing a strategy for Eradication of Poverty and End Child Poverty. During the workshop, youth will watch the documentary “Breath of Life” by Snjezana Brezo, which was created as a record of a big tragedy: the death of 12 babies during the war in 1992, in Clinical Centre in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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