Who Celebrates the World Day?


World Day Observance in Panama

An observance of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children organized by the UNICEF country office of Panama.

Activity Recap

GNRC Panama and UNICEF hosted a series of activities during the month of November 2011 to commemorate the Day of Prayer and Action in Panama and Colon provinces.

A minute of Prayer for Children and reading the Latin American Prayer was programmed at the services of different religious communities and schools all members of GNRC, including the Panamanian Episcopal Conference, Episcopal Church, Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas, Evangelical Methodist, Greek Orthodox, Balboa Union Church, Jewish, Muslim, Bahá’í, Krishna and Kuna General Congress communities of faith. The focus was “Violence Free Early Childhood.” The homilies on and around the date (November 20) stressed the importance of a Violence Free Early Childhood.

A thousand fliers and posters were distributed, and a thousand two-hundred stickers printed by UNICEF on the Day of Prayer and Action, inserted in bulletins handed out at religious services of the GNRC members, and different schools in the network.

Archdiocese of Panama, on its nationally televised mass on November 20, presided by Archbishop Jose D. Ulloa, noted the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children. Attending the Celebration were the First Lady and representatives of UNICEF and GNRC.

On November 20, the celebration started at 10am at Omar Park in Panama City, with over 200 children from different religious communities, and the Primera Infancia program. There were prayers, cultural activities, refreshments, and a mural was made reflecting the children’s prayers.

On Monday, December 5, the public ceremony was held at the Panamericano Institute, with the participation of religious leaders, representatives of the office of the First Lady and UNICEF, as well as school officials. A total of 4,500 children participated, and the program was presided over by the children of the school.

Written by Isis Navarro
GNRC Panamá.


UNICEF reported as follows:

In Panama, with UNICEF involvement, various different activities took place: the Catholic Archbishop celebrated a nationally televised mass on 20 November on the importance of a violence-free early childhood; various other religious communities that are part of the Global Network of Religions for Children celebrated the Day of Prayer and Action for Children during their respective religious ceremonies; and the First Lady led an event with children in a park in central Panama City. See http://www.unicef.org/panama/spanish/media_22198.htm


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