World Day of Prayer and Action for Children

The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children is celebrated on Universal Children’s Day (20 November) by bringing together secular and faith-based organizations to work to end violence against children. Universal Children’s Day, established by the United Nations in 1954, also commemorates the 1989 adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The World Day is a day of reflection and a call to action for the well-being of children around the world. Although its activities are highlighted in November, the World Day has grown into movement that has year round influence, weaving together the efforts of faith-based and non-governmental organizations with those of governments around the world.

Since the World Day was launched by Arigatou International in 2008, it has mobilized over 300 activities in over 85 countries to improve the lives of children worldwide. 

The logo for the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children features a stylized image of a child painting a rainbow in the sky. The rainbow in the design symbolizes the beautiful diversity of the human family; the many colors unite in a single rainbow to express the universal hope that all children will one day be able to grow to their full potential in a peaceful world. The child in the design is taking creative action to produce the rainbow, representing the inspired work of people of good will everywhere — especially the efforts of children and young people — to build a world fit for children. Our logo is meant to serve as a daily reminder of the spirit and vision of the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children.

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